Dee's Day

Damn, but this got out of hand....

"Demons Destroyed Detroit; Darling Daughter Danced!" Devonshire's Daily declared.

"Devils didn't do damage." D'Arcy droned, "Daisy did."

"Daisy?"  Dorothy derided.  "Daisy digs drums, didgeridoos, dulcimers."  Dorothy denied, "Daisy doesn't dance."

"Daisy danced." D'Arcy debated.

Dorothy denied D'Arcy.  "Dammit, D'Arcy.  Daisy Doesn't Dance!  Daisy draws, Daisy dingles, Daisy dries drapes.  Daisy does drugs.  Daisy despairs dysphagia.  Daisy drives Datsuns, Dodges, Desotos; Daisy drinks dewdrops, Dancing Dutchmen, Daring Dylan.  Daisy does drayers, dishwashers, drummers.  Daisy drains democrats dry." Dorothy descended, "Daisy does desperate dwarves deployed--"

"Dastardly demoness!" D'Arcy decried.  "Daisy domesticates dogs.  Daisy danced!"

"Dogs?" Dorothy  demanded dourly.  "Daisy ditched dogs."

"Denied."  D'Arcy declared.  "Daisy daren't discuss different depositions.  Due diligence denies dogs--"

"Daisy ditched deceased dogs," Dorothy derided.  "Daisy dominated Duke, Dvorak, Drake, Denver."

D'Arcy dropped, daring defenestration.  "Damn, deluded debator."  D'Arcy deemed Dorothy devalued. "Die dreaming."

"Discuss Daisy's differences diplomatically." Dorothy drawled, "Daisy did disgusting drawings.  Daisy did demented dentistry. Daisy didn't deny destroying Denver."

"Didn't demons--?" D'Arcy defied Dorothy's drastic delivery.

"Detroit, D'Acry." Dorothy Droned.  "Daisy destroyed Detroit."

"Doesn't Daisy dance?"  D'Arcy dropped, defeated.

"Daisy destroyed Denver.  Daisy destroyed Detroit."  Dorothy dropped down, defused.  "Daisy doesn't dance."

The End

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