Can Carly Crawl?


Bonnie Bradford's brother Bill brought bleeding big brown bats bar-ward, because Barry Bonahue bet beers black bats be biggest. "Bill's bats be better'n black brethren," Barney barkeep boldly boasted, bringing bad boys bar brawling.

But black bats be best; Bill's bats be but beefy because built brawny. Boiled bats black, boiled bats brown, black bat's bones be bigger. Brown bats' bones be brittle, bent, broken.

Bill's beers be Barry's, but Bill, being blimey bad, bolted, bugger! Both Barry and Bill be beerless, but because Billy Bob bakes, Billy Bob brought Barry banana bread.

Barry, being brotherly, broke bread, bringing bits back Billy Bob's bakery. But Bill brandished baton, bashing Barry bloody. Billy Bob babbled and bawled, Barry being beaten. Billy Bob backhanded Bill, brought blood.

"Bastard!" babbled Bill, brawling better. But Barry borrowed baton, broke Bill's back.

Barry bypassed Bill's body, backwardly boasted, "Biggest bats? Bah!"

The End

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