Master Olius expressed 'A' wish to

"Are all artists aware?" asked Andrew after another arduous afternoon at Ann's Art Academy.

"As aware as any," answered Ann, an airy arrogance appearing across an average attitude.

"Are artists aiming at aware attitudes?" asked Andrew.

"Absolutely," articulated Ann. "Artists also act acutely alert, and attentive," Ann added.

"Ah. And are all artists absolutely aware?"

"An artist acts as aware as an astronaut approaching an asteroid, an admiral attacking an army, and an archer accurately aiming an arrow across an acre at an apple atop an aristocrat."


"At another angle, artists always actively attain ambitious and admirable artistic additions, attributes, and aspects, aspiring at an ascending angle. All art acquires an assertive aura, awakening attractive attributes and affirmatively affecting all associated and affiliated authors. After another analysis, all analysts are astounded and appreciate all artistic ancestors."

Andrew, attempting an artificial act at an admiring apprentice--actually anxious, annoyed, and aggravated--approved Ann's analogies.

And Ann avowed Andrew's assessment...actually acting as aware as an automaton.

The End

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