Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

These past sixteen years being you have been pretty good. I mean, they've had their ups and downs. But lately, there's been more downs. Now, don't get me wrong, we have had a lot of fun together, but I think it's time for me to move on. You've got too much baggage and too much pain, and I just can't help you through it anymore. I think it's time we finally part ways.

What we had was fun, but now it's ended and I don't think we can ever get that back. Things started going downhill when you went anorexic. You should have known what that was going to do. And then when DJ broke up with you, things went even further downhill. I know you never did hurt yourself, but those knives sure were tempting. I remember hearing you cry and scream over everything you were going through, from the anorexia to the almost cutting.

And then when things had started to level back out, you messed them up again. And thanks to Jake and Sam, things got even worse. I remember how tempting suicide was. But I would't let you go through with that. And you didn't. When you needed comfort, I did my  best. And when I couldn't comfort, there was Katelyn, Alana, Mandi, Ashely, and Scott.

You liked the way Scott comforted you. You always liked being in his arms. You still do. And that one afternoon when he kissed you, you loved that. But then you got confused. And you still are. You want to be more than friends with Scott, and he used to feel the same way. You didn't know if he still did. And now sometimes thinking of him hurts, like you're being stabbed. You're just confused about him, but just go ahead and let him go.

I really did enjoy all our time together, that's not a lie. But what is is me saying I still want to be you. But after you get things sorted out, look me up, I'll be glad to stop by and chat.

Used to be yours,


The End

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