Dear Roadworks Organiser

I don't think you've looked at the traffic since you dug up Station Road again. You can't have done. You can't ever have tried to get to work down that road, can you? Because if you had you would know exactly how we feel!

You only finished the last lot of roadworks last week, and now you're starting again. The temporary traffic lights moved and we all relaxed, thinking it was over. And two days later -- no exaggeration -- you dug up the road again. A different bit of it.

You might like to know what the effect of this is. Well, for starters, I have to take a completely different route to school. What's more, I have to wake up half an hour early in order to take that route, because it takes so long. That's not such a big deal, you might think.

Not a big deal? I'm a teenager. I go places on weekends, so I have to get up at about eight even on Saturdays and Sundays. I do clubs every evening and don't get to bed until midnight. Half an hour's extra sleep lost is a big problem, buddy. A big one. If you've ever woken a teenager from her beauty sleep you'd realise this.

But no, you go dig up the road.

And that's the least of my problems. See, I take dance classes. But the only way to get there is down the road which, fortunately, is open. However, everyone else has to go that way too. They have to take that route, because you went and closed the road. Genius, no? So there're tailbacks there, for several miles.

And so now I've found I have to go by bike. But cycling 3.5 miles to a dance class, dancing and then cycling 3.5 miles back home again is not my ideal occupation. In fact, it definitely doesn't feature on my 'Things To Do Before I Die' list.

And don't get me started on the tailbacks in the other direction ... !

No, I won't go on. I could talk for hours on just how detrimental to the area your road works are. But I won't. I'll just say this: I think that you should try and get from Station Road to anywhere else before you plan the next lot of digging. Because it seems to me that every week they've dug up a different part, and you expect us to live with it like this for another six months?

Dream on, buddy, dream on. If someone doesn't rip down those fences and cover those holes with boards so we can drive through then I will, I can tell you that much.


A Disgruntled Citizen.

The End

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