Anthony's resignation letter, I've kept this for 10 years :)

This is a genuine resignation letter a friend wrote and sent to the management of the call center we were working in at the time....



When and for what reason did you first decide to leave?

I first decided to leave NTL approximately 10 months ago after it became abundantly clear that NTL offered next to nothing in the way of career progression.  I have seen nothing in the preceding 10 months that has changed my mind, indeed, everything that I have seen and experienced here has only enforced that view.  In my opinion (and that of many of my colleagues), NTL call centres are only interested in employing such calibre of staff that are willing to accept woeful standards of management, awful working conditions and next to no reward and recognition procedures.  Taking my own training group as a straw poll, a year ago 15 of us joined NTL, when I go there will be 8 left, equating to a staff turnover of approximately 47%, hardly a good advert for working here.

What did you like most about ntl?

The shower facilities that were available when I had to cycle to work

What did you like least about ntl?

The petty mindedness, the patronising attitude and the arrogance displayed by several of the team leaders,
The fact that team leaders here believe they know how to manage people because they have the Team Leader title, when in actual fact, very few can.  Taking this one step further, one TL in particular obviously thinks the art of motivation is to talk to everyone "beneath" her, like children; whereas another clearly thinks that information should be used as a weapon and should only be imparted in the direst of circumstances.
The fact that anyone with even a modicum of intelligence was viewed with suspicion and invariably dismissed out of hand.
The intransigence of the upper management when ideas were presented by anyone other than a TL.
The pervasive nature of the intrusion that ntl had in my private life.  By this I mean the constant battles that I had, to ensure that my time spent with my daughter (a situation that I had clearly explained when I first joined ntl) wasn't interfered with by the demands of the job.
The systems.  I could write reams on the utter despair that most people feel when using Harmony, and the feelings of apathy that are generated when Harmony is down.  As a system, Harmony does a great impression of a lump of Emmental, with
"What a surprise" being the most well used phrase when it's down.  In fact, it's probably been down more than it's been usable.  Frankly, it's embarrassing.  This, of course, doesn't actually take into account the stress caused to the staff when having to explain to someone who's been queuing for 15 minutes that we're unable to help "because we have a systems failure".  Again.
The fact that it seems to be the Faults department's duty to clear up the mess made by just about every other department in the association.  Most Faults Agents recognise the fact that the all -pervading attitude of everyone else is :  "If in doubt, stick it through to Faults. 
No one's prepared to take responsibility, and when you do, invariably, you get stamped on for not achieving those rather splendid AHT targets.
AHT.  Exactly where is it written that a low AHT means you're providing good customer service?  What utter rubbish.  I appreciate that calls need to be answered, but they should NEVER impact on quality, and this is definitely overlooked. 
Personally, as an adult, I object to being told when I can go to the toilet and being castigated about starting late because the NTL hardware (i.e. the PC's) hasn't got the capacity to handle a game of Tetris, let alone run several complicated applications, but hey, that's just me.

What are your general feelings about the company?

What constructive comments would you give to management to make our company a better place to work?
train your team leaders
actually listen to your staff
treat your staff like adults in stead of children
stop treating AHT as some kind of Holy Grail
Would you recommend ntl to a friend as a place to work?

If someone asked me if they should join an ntl call centre as a member of staff, I'd recommend that they look to Tesco or  Asda as a shelf stacker;  they'd probably be better treated and their feeling of self esteem would probably be higher

The End

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