Dear Kayla.

    Well. Hello there. I'd like to begin this by saying that there is no way on this great earth (notice the omission of the word GOD) that I would ever, ever consider you my intellectual equal. So you can go ahead and just cross that off of your to-do list.

     You made a point of telling me how to run my life. You consistently persisted in shoving your extraordinarily ogre-ish nose into matters that had nothing to do with you. You pried, you prodded, you tried to elbow your way into my decisions about my life, and it's about time I say something about it.

     You, madame, are not just stupid, but wrong.

     Quite frankly, were you to ever be open in any way to a logical, intelligent discussion, I might consider you a little bit more of a human and a little bit less of a bloated, irritating, mentally defective beached whale. You have not, however, shown any sign that you are willing to engage in this. Henceforth, my disdain for you shall remain as pure and unadulturated as your own good Lord Jesus. Capisce?

Peace and Blessings,

Your own little Antichrist.

The End

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