Dear CB (Again)

You seem to not have gotten the point with my earlier letter. The acronym still stands. My feelings toward you are not going to change anytime soon, so please just return the CDs. I don't even get why you continue to hold them hostage. I mean in all honesty when are you ever going to listen to Yellowcard?

You are a country boy for God's sake! You like Brad Paisley (and who could blame you) and well just country music in general. I feel like I am writing to a brick wall. If you just return the CDs I will leave you and your stupid blond alone. Believe me, I have no desire to steal you from her and you can tell her that.

In addition, my football player would just love a reason to kick your ass. I have told him it's not nesassary and that I could easy do it myself. I am tired of dragging this out. I just want my freaking CDs back so I can move on with my life.

The bad guy in my story reminds me of you. I think I may have to cut off his penis. The law is the only thing that protected you from the same fate.

Happy Thanksgiving,

the love of your life

P.S. He took me to see New Moon and it was amazing. Read the damn book neanderthal.

The End

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