Dear NCO Sinclair

Dear NCO Sinclair.

It's Robson here, you know, the one you stalk and eyeball 24/7. Familiar? Good, cause guess what.

You are doomed.

The lads and I have thoroughly had enough of the way you hit us, give us pressups, scream in our ears and force us to run up and down various hills in the blazing sunlight.

So now, we've taken our revenge.

We know full well you hate us, and can we just say that the feeling's mutual, so we decided to show our distaste for your foulness. In return for every punch, kick, evil glare and (in my case) suggestive bum-slap you've given us, we have returned them in our own way.

Hope you like our "revamping" of your house. We think you'll like our mini-murder scene in the bathroom best. Or perhaps the toilet paper we've strung all down the halls...

Enjoy our little "surprises" too.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Yours gleefully,

The cadets of Charlie Company.

P.S If you try to rebuke us for this, you will wake up in the morning with bayonet shoved where the sun don't shine. Beware.

The End

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