Dear Alli's Best Friend

Dear Alli's Best Friend,

Yes, I know your name, but to be honest with you, you don't deserve for me to use it. It's not my place to be mad at you, to be honest, that's Alli's choice, and she can be as pissed at you as she wants.

She's not. She's hurt, and she doesn't understand, but she wants to. She listens to you, and she's scared because she doesn't want to lose you as a friend, and I have to watch this. I have to watch her cry because you're falling apart, and she doesn't know how to catch every last piece of you.

I appreciate it's hard for you, but please, please try to keep some of it from her - it's painful to watch her cry. It really is.

You love her. I don't need to see her like this. You never meant to burden her with this. In ten years when you've lost her, remember who you were before you were so afraid, when you threw everything at her and couldn't cope on your own.

You can see it happening as you sit with her at lunch, but you do nothing about it. I want you to man up. I want...

Think about someone else for a change.

When you look back at this in six months, and everything's alright, you'll remember writing this letter to yourself, and ask why you had to in the first place.


Alli's Best Friend - Please don't forget it.

The End

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