Dear North America at Christmas Time


written in my blog November, 2008)


We're a bunch of a__holes. Yeah.  Me . You. Shaddap.

We're a bunch of ___holes. A bunch of god____ed friggin ___holes. Gap Kids clothing being made by 10 year olds forced into slave labor until they work off the money their family made by  selling them.

Throw a bunch of f___in glitter and some Santa caps on'em so at least we don't bear the guilt of lying to our fat kids about Santa's workshop. What a bunch of bull__t. " Gap's taking these allegations seriously. It's already fired 23 factories for using children as workers". That's f____n progress. Sounds like they're doing something right.  As for the other 1000 child factories?  Well, who's gonna manufacture Christmas cheer?

The good news is that this factory's shut down. We can all rest assured that the toys our obese, unfinished people open up weren't made by kids working for the Gap. Do you hear what I hear? The little drummer boy sitting in front of a mosquito laden bowl of rice before getting back to his merry 16 hour shift.

If I'm going to spend  $30 a month to sponsor a child through some whatever Children's fund, I want more than a f___en letter. I want a time card. 

But, what the f___ do any of you care? Don't be insulted. I'm an ___hole too. Come Christmas our trees will be plenty full of toys and gadgets made with tiny, starving hands in far away countries. 

What a sick f___ing irony. This Christmas, don't forget to jerk off to that serene, calming effect you feel when Tiny Tim says, "God bless us everyone"

Couldn't we at least send the f___en kids a Christmas card?

The End

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