Dear "Super-Parent"

Good day!

I am writing to thank you for your unsolicited words of wisdom.  It is amazing to me that you know so much about being a parent when you don't have any children of your own.  I wish to know how it is that you became omnicient at such a young age.

I appreciate that you have babysat sixteen times and have a cousin who had a baby three summers ago that you have visited twice.  I can also appreciate that you were once a child too, and so I do feel you are entitled to your opinion.

I must point out to you that having an opinion and telling a parent that they are doing it wrong are two separate things.  One is natural and expected and the other is presumptuous in the extreme.

The next time you see a father trying to calm his baby that has a stomach ache, placate a two year old that is starved for attention, keep a four year old from running away, and listening to an incessant whine from his six year old who doesn't want to go shopping, please be silent. I am very aware that being in the vicinity of such a cacaphony is unpleasant.

Thank you,

A tired father of four.

The End

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