Dear me:

I know to you this may sound strange, 
but you must believe it's really true.
In future days you will arrange
a way to get this message through.  

I am, in fact, your older version. 
I have some words you must obey. 
You're driving down a path of ruin.
It's too late now to change my ways. 

Don't leave the one's who really love you.
Hurting them will do no good. 
Exciting strangers won't commit to
providing what a true love should. 

Don't run away from trials and troubles
You never really get away. 
In wasted time they'll only double
and haunt you till your dying day. 

Don't rely too much on future fortune
Don't put off living till a later time
The simple pleasures that accidentally happen
are the only joy you will ever find. 

The End

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