Dear Octomom

Dear Nadia,

I'll never forget our amazing night in the " Olive Garden" bathroom because that was the night we consemated our love. But then you said you had to work at the " Eager Beaver" that night. So I sighed and drove you to work. But then you never called...When I stopped by the house your mother told me you weren't home, when I asked your mom where you were she said you were going to hell. I was already there. I tried to see you at work too but I didn't know your stripper name.

Oh my little Octomilf ,I miss you so much. I know I was a tool at the "Olive Garden". Next time I'll let you order a casear salad, I don,t really care that much about garlic breath or about how gassy you get after eating lettuce and I won't comment on how much bread your eating.There breadbaskets are bottomless after all...

Our kids need to be with their father. I know there my kids. Because you would never be untrue. I know the real you. I don't believe what they say about you on tv.

Enclosed is a sample of my DNA. I know without hesitation that those are my kids.

Love, Octodaddy

The End

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