Dear Chuck

Dear Chuck,

God has compelled me to respond to you during this difficult time in your life and He wants you to know that I am keeping a vigilant group of prayers to pray for the conclusion of this difficult time. Enclosed you will find fourteen prayer cards for the forementioned difficult time.

The water you requested is inside. We are sure that you will find it helpful in finding resolution during this difficult time. Thank you for your support in spreading the Word of God and your living testimony to the Power of God.

Now, in addition to paying for the prayer group(s) reverent duty to pray over your soul during your difficult time, you will find that God has decided to enclose forms for you to fill out that are designed to better help serve you through your difficult time. Remember, Chuck Weatherby, timely responses may grant God's favor and I can feel obligated to share God's SECRET AND POWERFUL vision he has given me for your life to ensure you heavenly success and possible continued earning potential.

But first, Chuck Weatherby, to recieve this Prophetic Key to your life, you must fill out the enclosed forms. Please include all (*) information and the names and addresses of any person you would like us to pray for as well. If you fail to fill out the form fully, the request may be lost due to insufficient content to direct the  prayer(s).

"As soon as they hear, they obey me; Foreigners submit to me." Psalm 18:44


The End

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