Dear Jennifer

You asked me if we could just be friends and I told you I could not make that poromise.  The cryptic message you left me on facebook about primates and fire and self-realization had me hooked from the start.

You're intelligent, gorgeous and magnetic.  I kept telling you that as we spent long days and nights, daily conversing and you must have been aware that I'd fall under your spell.  So, when you proposed that you didn't want a relationship, but that I was someone you wanted to just f**k, I, against my better judgement, agreed.  I knew then it would end badly, but how could I not acquiese?

After a fifteen hour plane flight, it seems I landed on your back deck.  And that whole 15 hours we told each other it would be a bad idea.  But the energy and the sparks arced and we were pulled together for three days.  Yes, it was good sex.  And when I subsequently visited, we both saw what was happenning but couldn't stop the train.

We've created an impossible situation.  You pull away and I push.

I told you that f**ck friends always leave somone with a short end of the stick.

And now I'm in love with you.

So, as I stated from the beginning.  I never promised we could remain friends.

It was nice knowing you, but I have to go.

Thanks for being a part of my life.  I will miss you.  And the sex.




The End

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