Dear Beer Representative

It was with great joy that I was able to chat with you while on the beach!  Can I be candid?  You were simply great!  Marketing suds on the beach in that red bikini.  And so eloquent!   A communications degree?  I was thinking to myself that the degree must have been what got you into the interview short list as I was trying to keep my eyes off of your perky bosom.

I think that your next education foray should be into Women's Rights because your strength of spirit is a torch illuminating your fair sex's path into tomorrow.

The way you shamelessly sell beer to men who ogle you while half clad yells, "I am Budgirl, Hear me Roar!"  And, baby, I'm roarinn with you!  Especially at the Wet T-shirt contest!  It's high time that women dare expose their breasts without fear of being treated as sex objects.

Bud Girl, I for one am behind you, admiring the whole time.

Richard Clamtree


The End

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