Nice working for you

Dear Mr. Worcester,

Thank you for treating me to the pleasure of serving under you all of these years. Your dedication to service and low prices has made our company the industry standard. Ten beautiful, young years of my life I gave to the enforcement of this idea, and it is with great regret that I must withdraw from my post.

I remember the pride I felt everyday working at Shliefen & Co., even the day that my first child was born. Had I not had to stamp three thousand papers, I may have been there, but as you assured me it was all for the good of the company, which is what you assured me for the births of the rest of my children.

Of course, the most famous aspect of Shliefen & Co. is its dedication to customer service. (The thirty or so customers you slept with to gain that title are further proof of service.) And of course, I loved hanging up on concerned customers day after day according to your instruction; "they can only learn by figuring out things for themselves," after all.

For ten years I awaited promotion, dealing with the lack of quality pay while my wife dropped babies as often as she could, and all for the sake of this great company. So thank you, good Sir, thank you for the beauty mark you have left on my life.


Benjamin Putte

The End

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