Dear Walmart

Dear Walmart,

It has come to my attention that due to a past black friday mob and the trampling of a          Wal-Mart greeter that you now have an insurance policy on all of your greeters. I am also aware of who recieves the money, not the greeter or their estate. Tell me you at least use that money to buy the deseased a decent head stone and not one of those little placks.  Do you send the families flowers? Do you actually write in the card or do you just send a generaic message typed out by your lawyers? Do you provide the deceased family with counciling or your employees who have endured or observed a trampling or other tragic event? Can your employees take a leave of absence if they die? Do you retain their souls if they pass on?

As an aside why did you get rid of layaway?

Yours Truly,


The End

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