The dream...

My dear Melanie

When I look at you I feel like I have a purpose in life. Ever since I first met you I was lost in that beautiful smile you gave to the whole Math class as Mr. Warwick introduced you to us all. You stood there all shy, hiding behind that lovely blonde hair to cover the redness of your cheeks. 
I'm sure I was wasn't the only guy wishing that you belonged to me as you quickly walked to that empty seat at the back of the class and brushed the hair aside and  that is only the beginning.  

      If anyone were to ask me what it was about you that I liked the most then I'd would have to simply reply to them that I couldn't name any particular one thing because if there was any girl who had a particular something then you had it more. Like that time Tracey Evans slapped Riley around the face when he blatently groped her butt in the lunch line you kneed him in the balls when he tried it on with you, being all smarmy and the like. But then there was also that time you and me were walking home together after staying late swatting for the biology test and you spotted an injured bird. Some girls would have done it just to say that they care for animals but you loved that little thing through and through and were so happy when it finally spread its wings and flew away home.

    I can't ever remember a girl ever trying to talk to me before, being deaf and all. It's like I'm something else and while they may pretend to be all happy I'm around I know they don't care. Hell I know they talk behind my back but they pale into insignificance when you're around. I remember when you learned sign language so you could help with with my work and the little jokes we shared that no-one else could guess. You were a breath of fresh air in my stale life and for that I am truly thankful.

  A boy like me can only but dream of having someone as perfect as you as a girlfriend and one day I hope this letter finds its way into your perfect hands that so often lifted my chin when life got me down. This letter of words that I never said for fear of losing you.

I love you.

The End

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