Things I RememberMature

I won't lie and say I remember everything about you,

but I do remember most things.

Like the way your jaw would set whenever you were getting mad at me,

and I remember how that was usually,

and I remember the way you looked.

Your sad brown eyes, with that hidden confidence,

and how tall you are...

actually you're not all that tall really I'm just damn short,

and I remember how you made fun of the fact that even on my tiptoes I could barely reach your shoulder,

and I remember the way you felt.

The way your arms could envelope me completely,

and warm me entirely.

I remember all these little things.

I also remember the things you said, the random things we talked about.

And I remember the way we fit, even when we shouldn't.

And I remember knowing you'd be there for me, whenever I needed you to be.

 I remember how we fought over everything, mainly because I'm stubborn, and so are you,

and I can't forget about how most times you could only stay mad for an hour or two,

and how as soon as I messaged you, you'd reply almost as if  you'd been waiting ....

But I also remember how much it hurt- 

how much knowing you so well hurt:

Because I'm not beautiful in the way you crave,

I'm not Latina, or that mexican kind of cute,

and I'm difficult and irritated you .

and I know that I was never what you wanted, and my love wasn't the kind you needed;

I remember that no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't be the one to stop you tears when you cried...

I remember how I could know every secret your lips had to tell,

but only because I was a secret place isolated from the world.

A place that you knew you could run and be safe,

because I would never leave you, and you were always free to stay- 

stay with me.

And I remember that in the end, you didn't just leave,

you took pieces of me in the spur of your retreat,

And if I remember right, I remember that you were scared.

I won't lie and say that I remember everything about you-

But, these are the things I will always remember.

The End

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