Mimicking ShakespeareMature

A Montague to a Capulet,
you're everything father said,
would ruin me and run me right to my grave,
follow suit, won't you my dear Montague?
Fight for me,
like Romeo did for his Juliet, that's all I ever asked for.
But you fight for nothing,
except perhaps to quiet your mind thats already planned your death
"As we got older,the monsters crept from under our beds to inside our heads"
Me and you know this to be true, don't we?
A vendetta of metaphorical descent,
Montague devours the fair Capulet,
but I'm no doe-eyed Juliet, filled to the brim with innocence,
and you're no Romeo laying your life on the line
for a girl you easily could have never met.
I'm a Fox and your an Alvarez,
whatever the hell that is,
and you will never turn my solo into a duet-
You're not even musical, what was going through my head?
Dear Joshua,I cant say I'm over you,
but I can say that all my endless hoping is thru.

The End

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