I Don't Understand YouMature

Dear Joshua,

I don't understand how you leave me,

but come back when I ask for you.

I don't understand your regrets.

We all make mistakes,

we are all Human are we not?


Dear Joshua,

I don't understand you.

you fear perfection,

yet hate the imperfections of the human race,

you don't accept that sometimes, the root of the problem is in fact you.

You shy away from the truth,

but demand it from everyone,

when you offer none to anyone else.


Dear Joshua,

i don't think i will ever understand you,

or the way you believe in a God that has done nothing to save you from yourself,

but hate the girl you gives you nothing but her best,

and how you say things at night, and forget them in the morning,

i don't understand how working yourself to death,

makes you feel alive.


Dear Joshua,

i don't understand how love is all you got,

yet you deny yourself love from everyone,

and i honestly just don't get how you can be so excited about ridding me of my last shreds of innocence,

but then the next day say you can't because your morals won't let you,

when in fact its your fear of my hating you that keeps you awake at night,

and makes you afraid of dreaming.


Dear Joshua

You didn't have to mean anything,

and there didn't have to be strings attached,

but you are the one that wove yourself around my heart,

and this game was what you started, so why won't you play?

why won't you come back and finish our game?

Sincerely, From a Slightly Bitter Me.

The End

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