He Say, She SayMature

They said you were no good,

not worth my time.

and I always said they don't know you like I

do, which is true.

I know you from late nights,

talks in the dark.

I know how your heart scares you whenever you're alone,

and I know how the thought of life kills you,

and I know the tortures your heart has been through.

They said you were no good,

and I guess in a way they were right,

but in my mind their words still register as lies.

I know why you shied away,

but they all say something different...

Yet they all agree that you're a fool to let me go,

you're no good for me they say,

but do they know I'm no good for you? 

I know all the things they say,and it's probably why I'll never be able to forget 

the time we spent, and the memories we made.

Do you ever hear the things they still say? 

The End

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