First NightMature

That first night...

That first night, you saved me.

I had long since given up, and was ready to end  it all.

but you crept into the minutes,

taking up time, time that i thought i didn't have.

We talked for hours, that first night.

it felt as if i had known you forever, cliche isn't it?

But it didn't feel that way.

It felt as though i had finally found someone who understood....

and that was all i ever wanted.

You become my savior that night, but saviors never stay around to watch their good work bloom,

which means it shouldn't have come as a surprise, when i lost you...

dreams can't stay because you have to wake up,

but i didn't know that,

on that first night.

i just knew that you had perhaps unknowingly kept me alive.

The End

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