Letters to Anna

Day 42

Dearest Anna,

I was wondering what happened.  I was worried.  I'm sorry about your arm.  I remember it.  Has it healed?  I hope you're alright.

Ya I figured with the phone since I texted you at 1 pm but didn't hear back.  I started to worry but your letter's reassured me.  Thank you Anna.

Oh dearest I'm sorry.  I know some niners can be terrible.  In his case, pay him no mind or ahow complete disinterest to him.  Oftentimes they'll think after a while that they're getting nowhere and will leave you alone.

You haven't missed much here.  I've literally been working straight on 5 hours of sleep and since 8am with class then I continued with my midterm assignment when I got back from class at 1 pm.  I'm around 3/4 done that thank goodness but I still have more to do with other classes.  Oy Vay.

I miss you too love, terribly.  Last night and today were so damn lonely.  My 4 hour lab we spoke the whole time of lighting which made me want to break down and cry from lack of sleep and missing you so bad.  Thank god it's tomorrow, I need to see you.  All this stress and crap happening is just terrible.  I miss you and I wish I could tackle hug you right now, right here. 

All my love and homework,


The End

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