Letters to A

Day 25

Dearest Anna, (I capitalized your name because it is important, especially to me)

I am so sorry Anna.  Those humans are just horrendous and I...I'm just so sorry Anna.  So sorry.  I wish so badly I could book it home and hug you and never ever ever let you go ever.  I knew somethign was wrong.  I just knew.  I was agitated as heck (as you could probably tell by my status update from earlier) and I needed to come home.  I didn't want to I needed to.

Anna, I wish I could help to make things easier for you, I really do.  I wish I could take away all this pain you're feeling.  All this anxiety and self-hate and just say how much you mean to me and know that those words could make all the problems in the world go away.  I wish they could Anna, I wish they could.

My day was like a rollercoaster as well.  My first class lecture and lab were pretty good.  We were supposed to socialize for the first ten minutes talking about our weeks.  I blushed a deep red on that one but don't worry Anna, no one wanted to talk to me so I said nothing.  After that, we talked much about community in theatre.  That ended up remindin me of the play and of course, you.  Needless to say you were on my mind all day.

I'm sorry about my little funk today.  I really should've had a better hold on myself but I let myself spiral down again.  I'm sorry Anna because I know that hurt you.  Though I am eternally grateful you stayed with me there.  You helped me feel much better about myself and my moods.  Thank you Anna, I don't know how I lasted this long without you.

I absolutely can't wait for next weekend to finally come.  I want to come home!  Even better that its a 3 day weekend.  Happy days and we do have that record to beat do we not?  Only 8 days left.

All my love (honestly and truthfully forevermore)


P.S. I love you.

The End

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