Letters to A

Day 21

Dearest Anna,

It depresses me that this weekend's over.  I miss you already and I wish I could've frozen time to stop it all.  Forget everything and let it be just us again.  It was so grand then.  Now... I come back to my roommate and her significant other having fun and I'm sitting there, trying not to cry.

I know the pain Anna, I got in the car and just drove.  Instinctively drove to my destination, not even focusing on the world in front of me.  Just robotically driving.  It was worse when mother began to doze because I didn't have to hide the blushing or the pain anymore.  Every inch of pavement I went over, I felt worse and worse.  I'm sorry Anna, I shouldn't be burdening you with this.  This departure has hurt you as well.

I know this may sound so gloomy but it's not Anna.  I know 2 weeks seems like forever and it really is but we can make it work like we always have.  This was the best weekend of my life and I even starred it on my calendars to show how special it was.  I miss you terribly but I can wait.

All my love always,


The End

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