Letters to A

Day 20

Dearest Anna,

I'm so happy as well.  I've never been so happy.  Ever.  And I have you to thank Anna, I really do.  I keep thinking it's all a dream as well and that I must be dreaming.  I must be but I'm not.  I'm really not and it's all real but...oh wow.

Ya I know, today was just...perfect.  Let's just say I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Thank god the lights at the party are always dark because I was blushing through most of it.  It's funny.  I wished so much that I could stay and when I went to the party, everyone missed me but I was missing you.  It was rough, even worse when everyone was speaking of dates and things.  I missed you horribly then.

I can't wait for tomorrow.  Oh wait, it just arrived but it's not that tomorrow yet.  I can't wait til then, I really can't.  Just this evening was unbearable without you.  I need you and I agree, this weekend's been the best one ever and I know there's better ones to come.  I can't wait for them.

All my love


The End

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