Letters to A

Day 18

 Dearest Anna,

I know what you mean, it seemd to last forever.  My lecture and lab were painfully long, though somewhat interesting.  We spoke much about how the education system is flawed when it comes to teaching versus learning, ironically.  But French was the worst.  It's supposed to be an intermediate class with Grade 12 as the prerequisite but we've spent the past three weeks reviewing grade school concepts.  Even worse when I could be at home talking to you.

How did the marking go?  I'm sure you did well.  I'm positive you did.  The way you can write a letter, a paragraph shoud be easy as pie.  As for the other kid, I know where you're coming from.  Everyone did that to me and would get all mad when I "killed their paper".  Oh well.

Well tech crew sounds fun.  I miss hanging out with you guys.  I'm going to have to find Zack one of these days, though he'll probably ask for those tape jobs.  *sigh*

I have something to tell you as well Anna.  I won't ever hate you, I just hope you don't hate me after you hear it all.
All my love, (and all my life)


The End

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