Letters to A

Day 17

Dearest Anna,

It's quite alright the size of the letter.  I like reading your longer letters.  It reminds me of being home with you and delays the reality of the distance a little longer... you could say a delay of the melancholy.  Don't worry about the melancholy, Anna.  I'll never escape it. 

I also wish I could too.  I also understand the not being ale to say part all too well.  You know my history, Anna so that acts as enough of an example.  I know what I have to tell you I'm not sure I'm ready to say though I know you wish to hear.  I just hope for you it's not an Oedipus situation where you want to know but the information will hurt you.  I don't want that at all.  I just hope you won't hate or resent or avoid me because of it.

Onto something happier, the fish is doing well.  Niji has begun to make a bubblenest under the water filter cover so she's happy.  She's been mainly exploring her new home and checking out my roommate's fish.  They're both in the same tank but there's a grate between them so they still are separate.  They don't usually notice each other but will occasionally.  Their reactions are quite humerous.  I think my roommate thinks I'm strange because she entertains me and I'll spent moments watching her.  I'm thinking of getting her a shell or something for a place for her to hide in.  All she has is two plants which she seems to pay little mind to.

I hope your english paper went well.  I finished all my work and am caught up for now.  I do have some work to do but it can wait until after our visit.  One more sleep!

All my love and excitement,


The End

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