Letters to A

Day 16


The letter's length is ok.  I understand you have work to do.  I do as well but I haven't been in the mindset.  At all.
Oh love I wish I could help.  Help with everything bothering you.  I really wish I could.  It's like I said with all the wishes and everything I do wish but things I can't say.  I'm sorry, I'm talking inconceivably now.  The poem "A Letter from a Friend" by EA can tell you much.  I suggest looking it up on Youtube.
Well, you didn't miss much today.  Mom came and dropped off some clothes and things and my roommate and I went out and got two bettas.  Mine's named  or Niji (pronounced Nay-zee) which is Japanese for Rainbow.  She's real pretty.  I can't wait for you to see her.
I miss you terribly and you are worth missing.  You're worth the world to me, Anna.  You really are.  I can't wait until friday.  These next three days are going to be agony.  When I see you, there is something I have to tell you.  What's been bothering me.  I just hope you don't hate me for it.
Yours always,


The End

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