Letters to A

Day 16

Dearest Anna,

I'm sorry to hear you're still ill.  I'm sending healing vibes with this letter to kill the sickies off. We shall defeat them!  With our tissues and Halls!  I'm glad you're not going to make it worse but not-so-glad you have to go back to school.  But it's for the best, you don't want to fall behind.  Also the reason the tea helps: ginger.  Ginger has antioxidants in it to help fight colds.  That's probably why it provides relief.

The scissors sound beautiful.  A lovely specimen I can't wait to see.  It reminds me of the pair I like to wear.  The old paper scissors that I made a necklace out of.  I wore it a bit but Alice got mad so I stopped wearing it.  I still love holding them though.

I'm so sorry.  I hate how your mother's treating you.  It's horrible she expects that of you when you're that ill.  You should be resting the whole point of staying home.

As for missing you, yes you are worth it.  I miss you terribly everyday.  Even if it's only 3 or 2 more days.  It's torturous and It's...so hard.
All my love, (and my heart and soul)


The End

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