Letters to A (From Maladie to Malaise)

Dear Malaise,

Is it really you?  In virtual ink in front of my one buttoned eye?!  I hope so or else Ella's a horrendous prankster.
It's so good to hear from you!  Are you recovering well?  Yes, Ella told me and I was terrified that you were ok but she's constantly been reassuring me.  Your words though put me to rest.  Thank you.  I know surgery's a horrendous thing.  how many times have my armpits split open... (I applied much cloth-right deoderant those days) until Ella got off her lazy duff and finally repaired me.  Good lord and she calls herself a mother sometimes...
How's Melrose doing?  Life as a dorm doll is quite...different.  I miss my locker home.  It was in the same spot yours is but by the drama room.  I have a spot all to myself on top of the bookshelf but I'm rarely up there.  Just during Ella's lectures or when guests visit.  The roommate is indifferent to me.  She does compliment my complexion every now and then but mainly, Ella's the only one who pays me mind but that's ok.  I prefer it that way.
I'm sorry to hear about Anna.  Yes, Ella's been very much the same.  I've gotten many more cuddles and whatnot lately.  I've grown to like it I guess.  It's funny, when Ella first constructed me, she thought I was so fragile, she would rarely sleep with me and lay me on the pillow next to her.  Now, I'm hugged tight every night.  Tis very strange but I know why.  It is what she calls "objectum asociation".  You know, Anna does it with songs as well.  I think she's linked me to Anna so it's like a connection, I guess.
I miss you friend and I'm glad we're returning soon.  I think it's for both the betterment of Ella and Anna.
All my love,


The End

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