Letters to A

Day 14

Dearest Anna,

It's hard to believe it's been two weeks already... (It's been agony) 
Classes are cool.  A lot of my labs are hands-on and really awesome drama exercises.  My profs are also pretty cool, they even say "Hi" in the halls.  My lectures and things are kinda boring but there's not much I can do about that. 
Don't worry about the other play, and no, I'm not very good.  I need to step up my game.  This is the big leagues and I'm not good enough.  I've got work to do.
The play was good and was in our theatre here.  It's a gorgeous house and we have our mainstages on the same stage.  I hope to perform on it someday...
As for the fish, I'll ask my roomate.  Maybe we will.  A companion would be good because it's not the same without my cat.  (Or more importantly, without you...)
And yes, I do care.  The ducky sounds adorable for one and two, I do care.  I care for every word, every syllable you write, I care for.  Don't ever forget that.
I'm so sorry.  I wanna come home.  To be there and help you and hug you.  it suks all this distance.   Only 5 days almost 4 though... (so far away...)
I'm soory this isn't very long.  I've been having a rough time.  It'll be more descriptive when I feel a bit better, I promise.
All my love, (and very existence)


The End

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