Letters to A

Day 13

Dearest A

Hi again.  It's been a while I guess.  (Though it seems like years)  Alice did come up as she said she would and she just went home.  I think she did enjoy herself here.  The concert was good.  (Though I would admit, my head wasn't focused on the music...take from it what you will)  My roommate's gone for the weekend again and shant be returning until tomorrow.  I guess I should be happy about that...some free time though I'm not entirely.  Oh well.
I'm so sorry.  It pains me to hear you're not doing so well.  I wish I could come home, I really do.  I'd come home now but there are commitments holding me here...darn commitments...at least I'll see you friday.
Glad to hear the fish is okay.  I was worried especially since Alice said hers and Liz's wasn't doing well.  I hope it's ok...  My roommate mentioned getting a fish.  I was thinking about it, having a nice companion of sorts since I'm always inside the dormitory but I'd want a rat if I could.  Plus, we'd need living arrangements for the fish in the summer, fishies and cats don't get along.  (Anyways a fish won't ever fill the void...never...)
Classes are fine.  I'm caught up and now mored with lack of work, though a nice boredom.  Drama's good here.  I tried out for a play but I didn't make it.  I didn't think I would either.  I had a bad feeling about it during the audition.  It's ok though, I'll be ok.  As for your classes, are you doing okay?  Is everything alright?  I hope my absence isn't disrupting you or anything... (doubt it)
Are you sure you're okay?  I keep getting this feeling you're worse than you say but I don't want to impose if you don't want me to.  Please tell me truly, are you?  I worry for you.  And no, you don't irritate me and I'll never forget you, A.  It's impossible to.  I really do miss you, even if you don't miss me and say so to appease me, it's ok.  That thing I said I have to tell you, I...um nevermind,  It's better to say in person.
All my love (and heart and soul)


The End

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