Letters to A

Day 7

Dearest A,

Hey, miss me?  I know I wrote you yesterday but I was bored.  (and lonely...)  Well, I've been here a full week.  It seems so strange and real but still like a dream.  (or like a nightmare)  I stayed in all weekend as I said I would.  Not much to report.  People started banging on mine and my neighbours' doors this morning scaring the daylights out of me but nothing really.  (I know don't laugh, I'm a horrendous wimp)  My roomate returned not too long ago so I may have to cut this short.
So how was the rest of your weekend?  I hope it was better than mine.  I've been avoiding my work and laundry for the past while but I've gotta get on that soon.  I hope tomorrow goes ok, it's still all new to me.
Good luck tomorrow and have a good week.
All my love,


The End

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