Letters to A

Day 6

Dearest A,

Hi, it's me again.  I hope you're not getting sick of me and all my notes to you.  (Especially since so much effort went into these and I really hope you still like me, please don't hate me)  Sorry my letter comes late but the past couple of days have been crazy with class times and social freakouts but don't worry, it's all figured out now.
How's home life?  How are you?  How's everyone?  I hear things are interesting back at home with certain people.  *Sigh*  it's boring here.  My roomate's gone home for the weekend and I don't really have any friends yet.  A couple of people in my lab the other day seemed nice and we talked but it wasn't for very long.  I can't realy complain but I'm being a dorm recluse.  I think there's something going on tomorrow but I don't wanna go.  I'd rather be alone.
I miss you.  It's so lonely here.  I...I should stop rambling shouldn't I?
Well hope you're well and having fun.
All my love,


The End

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