Letters to A

These are actually mentally pre-composed letters to a certain person. For her privacy, we'll call her A. All the thoughts in parenthesis are thoughts by the author as the sentences go on the page, the letter's recipient can't read those.

Day 1

Dearest A,

Hey, its me.  Today was a bit strange being so far away from home and you but I'm trying to get a grasp on it.   It's weird, I saw you today but it seems so far away...   
Anyways, I'm trying to settle in.  Making friends is hard, as usual but I'm surviving.  I wish you could join me, keep me company.  It's so different here.  I wonder if I'll be okay.  I know you think I will but I'm not so sure...
How are you at home?  How's the last bit of freedom before the insitutions call us back again?  Is everyone happy and having fun?  I hope you're ok there.  Okay without me.  Are you?  You probably are.  Sorry, I'm concerned for you.
Wishing you well and I hope to see you in the next few days.
All my love,


The End

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