Thank you, ProtagonizeMature

Thank you, for being the place I turned when everything had gone wrong.

To go back, five years ago now, in April of 2011, I was a junior in high school, just finishing up the year. I had tried starting a collaborative writing website with the people that I once called my friends. We'd been working on it for the better part of 2 years, but all the stories were dying. No one wanted to write with me any more. I was fighting with my boyfriend, and nothing seemed to be working out. In short, my life was a mess, as it often is in high school. 

Desperate, I did a google search for "Collaborative Writing Websites" hoping to find "my people" as it were. I saw it there, on the first page. Protagonize. 'That's a strange word,' I remember thinking. So I clicked on it. The website was simple, green and yellow. I signed up, and posted my first story. Within just a few days, I fell in with a group to write a dark fantasy called Dark of the Night. We wrote about 50 chapters and finished the story within maybe a month. I loved it, being part of a group, writing together, letting the story unfold. It was easy, it was natural, it was fantastic. 

We wrote a second book in the Dark of the Night Series (also 50 chapters), and were well on our way through a third when the collab finally died. I never did end up writing with that exact group of people again, but they eventually led me to the people that I write with today. 

Through one of the people I wrote Dark of the Night with, Colm, I joined another collab in May of 2011, with a Protagger named Stargazer. The story didn't last long, only 18 chapters over the course of about a month, but I worked with Star again in August, we began a tale called Literary Dream. After that we worked together on a few other works. 

My first work with Starwarsfreak117 was Fantandien: Quest for the Stone of Sandfadier, with a pretty large cast. Star invited me to write for a prince character named Dextran. That story lasted quite a long time, and during that time, Star, Starwars and I got pretty close. Another collaborator there was Mycayla, a close friend of mine from even before we joined Protagonize. 

I'm probably missing a few works, but this isn't a biography, and if you want to see everything I've been in you can check my profile, it's all there. After Fantandien died, with nearly 150 chapters written, I did some work with other people, but I kept coming back to Star and Starwars, and I was invited to a story called Night Hawks, or I found the topic posted in the collab group, I can't remember now. It was there that I'm pretty sure I met DethnusAckeaRose.

We wrote several parallel collabs while Night Hawks was going on, and I grew to like Dethnus very much. 

We wrote Night Hawks for 3 years. And though the most recent chapter was posted a while ago, it's still going, slowly but steadily, towards being finished. You've got to admire the tenacity of a loyal team. 

While Night Hawks was on pause, we wrote a second collab as a team, just the four of us, plus Mycayla called Decorus Virtus Academy. It was the first Collab that Mycayla had written with me since Fantandien, and we kept the group close-knit. 

Today, I spoke with my friends of at least three years for the first time. Today, I was reminded again that Protagonize is where I found my people. These crazy, diverse, friendly people. The world is a scary place, and the internet even more so, but I found my people here, and I know they will always welcome me back, no matter how long I've been gone. 

It's been five years since I joined the site. You can check my stats, I haven't been quiet. I've made friends, maybe some enemies, I've written every genre I could think of. I feel I'm a part of something really worthwhile here. And if I had gone with the collaboration site with the butterflies... I wouldn't be here. I am so glad I am here. 

Thank you,

J. Simmons

The End

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