A "Thank You" NoteMature

This goes out to all of my “friends.” To the fake smiles, to the crocodile tears; to the slanderers, the backstabbers, the posers and the brutes who enjoyed making my life a living hell.

“Thank you.”

"Thank you" for making me suffer. "Thank you" for your manipulation. "Thank you" for despising the trust I placed on you by toying with it until it no longer served you any purpose. "Thank you" for belittling me, for crushing my spirit everyday with your idiotic remarks and your disdainful demeanor. "Thank you" for standing against me – whether out of jealousy, pride, or pure fiendish delight - when I needed you the most. "Thank you" for so many times being such an inconvenient, hypocritical, immature, selfish and painfully demeaning company.

Up to this day, you remain unaware of how much your treatment changed who I am. You opened my eyes to my condition: I was your scapegoat, the very lowliest being in your food chain. You preyed upon my flaws to conceal yours. Little by little, you stripped the humanity that once resided in me, replacing it with all the bitterness you could muster. You created a monster, one of the kind that bears a soft, naive facade, yet harbors the sprawling taint of resentment within, struggling to not let it loose when confronted with your presence – a real life Edmond Dantes, who works tirelessly toward the day when he will take the mantle of the Count of Monte Cristo, and will finally be able to repay tenfold all the s*** you made him go through. 

For that, I believe I cannot "thank you" enough.

May our paths never cross again (for the sake of your well-being),


The End

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