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To Protagonize People,

I'm supposed to write a letter here that I would never send, but... Really all I have is a thank you letter to my characters. I know it may seem selfish or kind of narcissistic, but it isn't, I swear. It's something we should all do once in a while.

First comes an unknown character, "Dethnus" (my namesake on here) Bain Ackearose. While he hasn't really played an important role, I have plenty planned out for him. Though, his story isn't what is important. It was more of his creation. While I was young, me and my brother would play pretend and see ourselves as warriors. My brother was the eccentric Zero Zalazor, a trained assassin, and I was Dethnus, a necromantic swordsman. Together we would have all sorts of adventures throughout years. It was through these adventures that my love for story telling came to fruition. 

So, I thank Dethnus for bringing my closer to my little brother. I know he's a rascal, but I will always love spending time with him.

My next character is Griever. While he is someone I fabricated on the spot for a collab on here called "Night Hawks," he has given me something far more important than I could have imagined; friends with amazing writing skills. So, I thank him for that as well as letting me live out my dream of being the flirtatious mercenary I had often wondered about. 

Drakmor comes next. This character has been through more changes since his creation than the hair color on Markiplier. Though he started out as a happy-go-lucky guy with a knack for swordplay, he managed to become my invincible, yet suicidal, cyborg immortal. I thank him for many things. Then first is being my pilot project on here and getting me started on Protagonize, both on the solo writing and collab writing. Through him I developed more skill and befriended a few more writing friends. So, I thank him for the adventures.

Lastly, I thank a character I don't often think about; Al Phonse. Though he was in a collab that died out, he helped me learn a bit more about diversity in writing. Though, I wish that collab had never failed, I don't regret writing in it in the least. 


Your creator.

Special mentions are all those writers on Protagonize who helped me develope myself and gave me support even through little gestures. I thank you all for these last few years and I hope to keep with you guys and make more friends in the following. 

PS, hopefully this isn't cheesy. I mean... it IS cheesy, but hopefully it isn't TOO cheesy. Meh, oh well. There you go, Starwars, I wrote in this. 

The End

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