To (one of) my best friend(s)Mature

I love you. We all do. You entwined yourself around our lives so thoroughly that we couldn't let you go, even if we wanted to. We don't, by the way. I know you'll think that, because you take everything and run with it to the worst possible scenario. 

Why do you do that? I know growing up has been harder for you than most. After what he did. But we're not going to leave you, or stop loving you. And we won't hurt you like he did. None of us have that cruelty inside us.

We love you. Please stop making it hard. Don't start things based on the smallest comment. Don't take offence that our opinions don't match yours. 

Don't be needy. Don't attention seek. Please for once. Just... 

We love you. 

That doesn't mean we love him. 

But if you love him. 

Then it really doesn't matter, does it? Because really, it's not our opinions that matter in your relationship, is it? 

So please stop dragging us in. If you're as happy as you say you are, you don't need to cause the drama. If you're as happy as you say you are, you shouldn't be asking if we like him. If we agree with your next step together. 

We're tired of feeling like we're still in school.

We're adults. We don't have time for this shit. We have grown up problems now. 

I love you. We love you. 

Please just let that be enough?

The End

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