Everyone knows youMature

Dear you,

I sent you a letter once. It was short, and handwritten, but it was written by a child. I've grown up a lot since then, and I've got a lot more writing under my belt.

I followed your advice, I wrote my own things for a while. I'd like to think I'm pretty good, but that's for others to decide. 

But there's still one story I want to write. I want to write it, because I know now that you never will. I realize that now. You hated that character, and you punished him for it. You quashed all sympathy for him, and took his story and dispersed it into a smattering of chapters mixed in with your characters thoughts about him, and how much they hated him too.

Look. I get it. You hate him. He's basically Hitler. I won't deny he is the villain of your story. You don't have to write the story. I'll do it. I think it would be better if you did, because then we wouldn't have to go through this. It's your world, and your anagrams, and numbers and stuff, but I'll do it.

You want the royalties? You can have them. I'm not in this for the money, I have my own stories for that. 

You want the credit? I'll put your name in big letters on the cover. I won't even put mine on the front. I'll have to put it somewhere, though. 

I figure, if I write 1 chapter a week, following your format for each book (this is a parallel story, after all) it will take me four years to complete. That's a lot shorter than you had the rest of us wait for your last two books alone! But hey, I'm not mad about that. I loved the books. I grew up on the books. 

But let the villain's story be told. 53 years is a very long time. And at least 5 of those were not spent in villainous pursuits. The world loves an Anti-Hero. 

And by the time you read this, I'll have finished the story anyway. Since it's already finished, why don't you go ahead and give me the rights to publish the books? Tom Riddle's story really should be told.

-J. Simmons

The End

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