A Letter of IntroductionMature

A community-wide open collaboration comprising of letters never sent. Funny letters, sad letters, rants, reflections, there is no limit on topic so long as it's handled seriously and appropriately. Feel free to add a chapter and pass this on to someone else.

The first letter in this series is to you, the reader and prospective writer. 

To start, thank you for taking the time to stop by and at least read the first couple sentences. The idea behind this project is simple: we all have thoughts and feelings we'll never share. Maybe it's gratitude, the kind that you can never fully express. Maybe it's undying resentment at the guy who lives upstairs, you know, the one who can't do anything quieter than 90 decibels. Maybe it's a monologue that you'll never be able to share because the intended recipient is gone, or an animal, or an inanimate object. Or pizza. 

Whatever the case may be, I wanted to try and solicit these thoughts, feelings, memories, and stories from you, the protagonize community. Maybe you can't share it with the intended recipient, so share it here instead. Writing is an cathartic agent after all. 

The only thing I'd ask of you, writer, is that you take your submission seriously. This doesn't mean that silliness is outlawed, far from it, but keep things appropriate. You're a writer. You wield enormous power. Use it responsibly. 

To the reader I ask that you treat these submissions with just as much respect. Comments are welcome, but again, be mindful of the power your words can have. The last thing I want is for a writer to never take another chance because of a comment someone left here. 

Finally, the subjects contained within may be of a serious and mature nature. If you choose to venture inside you do so knowing the risks. 

Thank you for your time dear reader/writer. I encourage you to leave a page, or at the very least a comment on someone's page. And I would appreciate it immensely if you'd pass this project around, and help me build it from the ground up. 

Thank you again,

The End

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