Letters From Me To Charlotte

Collab between me and Ciara (SilverGirl). Enjoy!

Dear Charlotte,

I dreamt last night that your hands
Encircled my neck, a gracious,
Gentle ending, almost an apology,
Into the dark and back, rapacious.

I woke, drowning in cold sweat
And I could swear you lay next to me
The sunrise glinting off your hungry fangs
You always did like to play with your food, sweetie.

Infected by undue recollections
Of your kisses round my nape
A shudder, not from pleasure
But the poison left in their wake.

'Darling', do you recall?
Drunken admissions of love
Over the telephone, sincere
In the ugliest way - you rose above

It, eventually, and left me here in hell.


Yours fruitlessly.

The End

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