Lost LoveMature

I guess I had my chance. I just missed it. Now you've found someone else, leaving me in the dust. Can't you see the message screaming out from my eyes? I want you back, that second chance never came and now you're gone.

I keep thinking, will she last the distance? I'm hoping she won't..because I'll be there to pick up the peices again. I keep thinking it should be me...but its not because of my own stupidity. I keep thinking of you...and a tight fist of poison clamps on my heart.

You mean everything to me. You alone made me burn brighter. You alone made me feel like something more..

Now in your absence I'm spiralling down. All I can see is what I have lost. The world seems less vibrant without you by my side and it feels like a limb is missing.

I miss you.

H x

The End

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