Love BitesMature

Dear Cupid,

WHY?! Why did you land me with this guy? I mean, really, what did I do to you? Yet for some reason you have landed me with someone that everyone (including the person in question) has decided is bad for me. And they are doing their best to make life as difficult as possible. Wow, thanks a lot for that one.. 

Let me give you an example. He spends hours talking to me, making me laugh, making me feel loved. Then flips. When asked by yours truly-apparently 'important' to him, apparently 'cared about' by him-if he lied about caring, he replies "Yeh, I lied". Ouch doesn't even cover it buddy. 

And yet, idiot that I am, I forgive him and let him do it again. And again. And again. (Getting the message yet?) Why? Well.. y'see... I love him. Because he's funny and sexy and (sometimes) affectionate. He cares about me and he's honest (mostly). I know what he wants from me and we're completely compatible in that regard. 

After hours of screaming and crying (on my part for the latter) I finally discovered where all the venom came from. Why he insisted on hurting me whenever he could. 

"I hate anything like me. But I want to be with you. I want you and despise you at the same time." 

Back handed compliment? Yeah, I thought so too. 

So Cupid, back to my point. What were you thinking? Me, a hopeless romantic and him. Don't ask me to describe him, we'll be here till next week. On the surface of it, you have an emo-esque 18 year old, smart and loving and a 20 year old gamer, asshole and (very) secret softie. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy just to be close to him. But couldn't you have at least let me fall for someone I actually had a chance of being with? Is that too much to ask? For him, I'd walk through hell and back to see him smile. I overlook all his flaws because his smile means more to me than anything. 

So I guess this is a little plea. Give me a shot at love? Give him a little poke with your arrow? Or let me fall for someone else if you must.. 

Much appreciated.



The End

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