Letter to the Dursleys

A fan fiction letter written by Harry potter at Hogwarts in the 3rd year

Dear Uncle Vernon,Aunt Petunia and Cousin Dudley

I suppose i should tell how my year has started first things first i met a terrible creature named a Dementor who cause me to faint (yes i know Dudley) i also have a new defence against the dark arts teacher professor Remus john lupin. Tonight we ate some magic sweet that set me off making the sound of train my friend Ron Weasley got one which made him sound like a lion i bet life at privet drive is no way as exiting as mine Oh and there's also a killer on the loose his name is Sirius Black and he is like trying to catch smoke, trying to catch smoke with your bare hands

Having a magic time at Hogwarts

your Nephew/Cousin Harry Potter


The End

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