Kyle: Nothing is lost foreverMature

“Here.” Rody looked up in surprise when I slapped the music sheets on his desk. I'd probably only get to see that expression once in my lifeti,me so I might have grinned a little too much.

“Rollar and JJ haven't really been around, so I worked on a new song,” I explained. It was easier to call them by their band names now. I could think of them as separate from Robin and Jaimie that way.

“Ah, thank you. Your sales are still going up. You ready for the tour in a few days?” Rody asked. I shrugged.

“As ready as I'll ever be,” I replied. Rody nodded, assessing me calmly.

“I'm not going to bail Rody. I always wanted to be in a band. Besides, I moved on two weeks ago,” I replied. I waved a goodbye and left. Glad Rody wasn't friendly enough to bother asking questions about Ben. I don't think he'd like the answers if he did. I walked outside and met with Lana.

“I got the job!” she yelled right in my ear making me wince.

“Good for you,” I said, rubbing at the now sore ear. She giggled and grabbed my hand.

“Is Ben waiting in the café already?” she asked. I checked my phone and nodded. She was the only one I trusted to know about him. He had met her a few times and suggested that we grab drinks after her interview. Weather it went well or not.

“So, journalism huh? Hope you won't write too many scandals about me,” I said. Knowing Lana would never tell the world about Ben.

“It's a nature magazine Kyle. They don't care about silly bands,” Lana mocked, sticking her tongue out. I laughed and we found the café. After two hours of drinking and laughed we stumbled back to my place. Lana waved goodnight and went to her room. Rody had no objections when I told him Lana had moved in the day before.

“Maybe we should move to your room,” Ben whispered in my ear. Despite his muscular bulk, Ben was more of a lightweight than me, which caused endless amusement the next morning when he was hungover.

“Good plan, I just need the bathroom,” I replied. Ben grinned and headed to the room. I hadn't been kidding, I seriously needed to pee. I touched the door handle when the phone went and had that annoying moment of having to decide. But figured it'd be Rody. He'll just be mad if I don't answer.

“Yes?” I answered, impatient and hopping on my feet like an idiot.

“It's me.” I paused, any serious desire to go the toilet gone as I recognised the voice.

“And?” I asked.

“I found them,” he replied.  

The End

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